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Alert Ambulance Service is one of New England’s leading ambulance companies, providing quality emergent and non-emergent medical transportation services to health care facilities, organizations and communities across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


With reverence for God and respect for human life, we as healthcare professionals pledge to serve the needs of those who are sick and injured with skill and compassion.  To strive to always exceed the needs and expectations of the individuals we serve with the guiding principle of always doing what is in the best interests of the patient.  To this end, we seek to provide an environment that promotes professional growth, acknowledges individual achievements and encourages family values.

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Director Paul Hutchinson on-scene at the 105th Madeira Feast 🇵🇹Make sure you say Hi if you see Hutch walking the beat. ...

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3 weeks ago

Alert Ambulance Service, Inc.

Today 2 EMTs and a Civilian were recognized by many for their selflessness, heroic actions. On June 14th 2019, EMTs Chris Moccio and Justine Hanselman we’re transporting a US Veteran to a rehabilitation facility when A72 had a severe malfunction. Smoke started to fill the patient compartment immediately. Moccio realized
at that moment he lost all functions of the vehicle, steering, brakes, transmission, engine, ect... they prepared for a crashing stop, Moccio was able to maneuver the Ambulance to a rolling stop shy of a embankment. The crew immediately removed the patient and pushed the patient 200+ yards away. A civilian at his house took notice and without hesitation assisted the crew without hesitation and help bring patient to his driveway. Moccio and the civilian (Chris Joyce) thinking of the danger still lurking at the Ambulance with all the oxygen decided to go back and try to extinguish the fire but within 3 minutes the Ambulance became engulfed, fearing a explosion they courageously entered the patient compartment to unload all the oxygen and then took a extra moment to think about the patients possible needs and threw some BLS gear out. I commend the crews and the civilian for their acts of courage. Most run away from danger, Chris Joyce (civilian) saw the need to help and did not hesitate. So today all 3 received Citations from the Governor, Lieutenant governor, The senate, The house of representatives, IAEP Local 369 and Alert Ambulance Service for their actions.

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