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2 weeks ago

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Great Job Christine PS 😉Whitney Gaspar, RN, delivered her son at St. Luke’s in April 2019, under the care of Certified Nurse Midwife Christine Pereira. Whitney recently sent Southcoast Health a letter about her experience, and has given us permission to share it with you:

Dear Families and Friends of the Southcoast Community,

In August 2018 my husband Marc and I were ecstatic to learn we were expecting our second child. With my first pregnancy in 2012, I had some complications and was considered high-risk. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy. Knowing we had some bumps in the road with my first pregnancy, I knew I wanted to deliver in a setting that had both a level-II nursery and additional medical resources for the baby and I. This is when we decided to deliver at St. Luke’s.

There was no question in my heart or mind: I knew I wanted to be cared for by Christine Pereira, CNM of Southcoast OBGYN. The care, support, encouragement, and reassurance Christine gave me throughout my pregnancy and beyond was something I am so grateful for and will never forget. From planning appropriate monitoring for my pregnancy to postpartum breastfeeding and emotional support, I always knew I had Christine and a team of knowledgeable nurses and other providers beside me.

In April 2019, we welcomed our second son into the world at the St Luke’s Family Centered Unit. He did come a bit early but was healthy and strong. The personalized care I received from Christine Pereira, CNM, and the entire team on the FCU during my experience was incredible.

As a Registered Nurse myself, I know it takes an interdisciplinary team to provide great care. I also recognized that labor and delivery aren’t always smooth and uneventful, and can turn critical very quickly. I had and have so much confidence in the team at SLH to provide an experience, resources, and environment to keep me and my new little bundle safe.

Although I wanted the reassurance of having supportive medical measures available and in place, I also wanted the delivery to be personalized to me with the wishes I had discussed with my midwife. I am happy to express that I think back to my delivery and it was simply perfect for me. Christine coached and supported me through my labor, I delivered a healthy baby boy, and the moment he entered this world he was placed on my chest where he stayed skin-to-skin. For all the breastfeeding moms out there, I’m proud to say my little guy found his way right to breast moments after delivery.

Throughout my time at the St. Luke’s FCU, my baby was in the room with me at all times, which was really nice. The OB Techs and Nurses went above and beyond to assist us. I will never forget my labor nurse or postpartum nurse that helped me with nursing when I was completely exhausted, emotional, and at a loss of how to get my new baby to latch. They were all there to support my husband and me during one of the most precious and memorable times in our life.

I hope this letter expresses through example the outstanding care that is available to expecting families in our community. We are very fortunate to have the entire team at Southcoast Health and St Luke’s Hospital so close to us.


Whitney Gaspar

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