Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Alert’s Ambulance’s Advanced Life Support Vehicles are equipped with, 12-lead EKG monitors, infusion pumps, and Newport Medical HT70 portable ventilators.

We require the following training and/or certification by our Paramedics (at minimum):

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Inter-facility Transfer Training
  • IV Administration Pump and Medication Training
  • Portable Ventilator Training

Portable Vent Service

All of our ALS personnel are trained in the use of portable ventilators.  Each of Alert’s inter-facility units is equipped with HT-70 portable vents with PEEP capabilities.

IV Medication Pumps

Each of our ALS inter-facility transfer vehicles is equipped with two Sigma infusion pumps. We currently offer our own state-approved inter-facility transfer training program, which includes IV pump operation and medications.

12-Lead ECG

Our paramedic units are equipped with Zoll M or E series 12-lead EKG units. All of our ALS personnel undergo training and certification in the use of this device.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

In addition to our Advanced Life Support services, we also staff Basic Life Support (BLS) units from each of our locations. All BLS units are staffed with two state-certified or nationally registered EMT Basics.

911 Emergencies & 24-HR Dispatch

Alert Ambulance Service is a provider of emergency ambulance and 911 dispatch services to towns and communities across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Alert’s paramedics and EMTs have the experience and training to quickly assess any emergency situation, provide the necessary pre-hospital care, and transport patients to the proper facility.

Bariatric Transportation Services

Alert Ambulance specializes in the safe transportation of bariatric patients. Our customized ambulances are specially designed and outfitted to provide safe transport to those patients whose size or condition requires special care, easily accommodating the larger bariatric cot and additional personnel when required.

We currently have three dedicated bariatric ambulances in our fleet, which operate across our entire service area in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. For larger patients, these specially customized and outfitted vehicles provide the highest level of safety, dignity and comfort possible.

  • Ability to safely transport individuals up to 850 pounds
  • Hydraulic winch with pulley and ramp system
  • Ferno’s PROFlexX 35X bariatric cot, which provides stability when transferring and transporting larger patients (up to 1,000 lbs. in its lowest position)
  • Additional restraints for maximum safety during transport
  • Specially trained ambulance crew, familiar with unique patient requirements

Bariatric Transport Training

Each paramedic and EMT working on Alert’s bariatric units receives special training on the unique aspects of bariatric transportation. This training includes:

  • Understanding the special needs of bariatric patients
  • In-depth video and hands-on equipment training
  • Manual handling of patients for safe loading and unloading
  • Competency testing and review

Chair Car Transportation

Safe, comfortable and convenient transportation for all your needs.

Alert Ambulance Service provides modern, comfortable chair cars for non-emergent transportation service across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We specialize in medical transport to and from locations including:

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Hemodialysis
  • Hospitals/Rehabilitation
  • Long-Term Care Centers
  • Oncology/Radiation Therapy
  • Radiology/X-Rays, MRI, CT-Scans
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our fleet of chair cars is fully equipped to meet or exceed DOT standards. We have a strict multi-point safety policy, and in-depth procedure and training program. This ensures that all patients transported via chair car are transported comfortably and safely. Additionally, all of our chair car attendants are CPR certified.

Medicoach (Ambulette) Services

An innovative new transportation service.  Potential cost saving for our customers.

We are pleased to offer an innovative new solution for non-emergent patients who require transportation via stretcher—yet do not require all the features or expense of a Class 1 ambulance.

Alert Ambulance has two ambulettes in our fleet—the first of their kind in Rhode Island and Maryland. These are specially converted stretcher vans that allow for safe, comfortable transportation of patents who require transportation in a supine position, but without the added expense of staffing an extra EMT. The result—a significant reduction in cost that can add up to considerable savings for our clients.

For more information about our special ambulette service including pricing and availability, please contact us.

Special Events

Experienced standby EMS services for your special event.

Alert Ambulance has deep expertise in providing standby service and pre-hospital medical care for all types of special events.

Our years of experience in supporting a wide range of events allows us to serve in an advisory and consultative role, providing guidance in terms of the optimum coverage based on numerous variables, including the size, type, and location of the event. From major NASCAR® events to golf tournaments and airshows, we have the experience and resources to support any event—no matter how large or small.  These include:

  • Block Parties and Festivals
  • Charity Events
  • Civic/Community Events and Public Ceremonies
  • Concerts, Carnivals, and Parades
  • Marathons and Cycling Events
  • On-Location Filming
  • Sporting Events (both Indoor and Outdoor)

For additional information about standby services for your event, please contact us.